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At Spitz Design and Machine, we differentiate ourselves in three essential ways:

We do the ultra-challenging jobs that are often too complex for traditional CNC machining firms.

We offer the highest level of quality combined with fast uptake, turnaround, and delivery.

We offer over 15 years of solid CNC machining and design experience to top-level clients in the medical device, electronics, and scientific sectors.

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What Our Clients Say

ID8 Design, Inc."Brian developed a unique process to fabricate a very difficult-to-machine medical device component for us. This needle part was critical to the birth of an entirely new industry and family of innovative products. Other highly experienced machinists who are at the top of their game gave up trying to make this part. When Brian delivered the needles, they were atomically perfect and functioned beautifully in the mechanism.At ID8 Design, Inc., we rely on Spitz Design to tackle machining projects that require perfection. Brian takes the time to really understand the design intent of the part and then engineers a process to adhere to the original goals, delivering a part that not only meets print, but can be used as the gold standard performance benchmark for transitioning into production with other manufacturing methods like MIM."Erik ShahoianPresident and FounderGearHead Product Development "Brian is one of those rare individuals that “just makes things work.” He gets into your head, understands the task, and then delivers as promised. He has a keen eye for detail, delivers extreme quality, and provides incredible follow-through. Working with Brian allows you to set it and forget it. He will work out the issues—even if you haven’t yet done so. He delivers superior results."Bill HansonPrincipal Product Design EngineerAlso worked with Brian as Staff Product Design Engineer at Pacific BiosciencesSpencer Corporation "When it comes to extremely accurate and complex milling, Brian is the one to call. He has the patience and tenacity to get the tough projects done right. He's also willing to pursue a job even if it looks nearly impossible to others—and he finds a way to make it happen!Brian’s attention to detail and acquired knowledge base in the area of micro-to-small, highly-intricate parts are key to his success. It’s always a pleasure to work with Brian—one of the nicest and most talented people in the machining trade."Mark SpencerOwnerJohn Dixon Engineering "While working with Brian, I've been able to solve several challenging mechanical design problems while ensuring the solutions were completely manufacturable."John DixonPrincipalWorked with Brian as Senior Staff Mechanical Engineer at Pacific Biosciences1234

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